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gucci fake Niki bag To say that gucci fake is the best among the fashion brands in the fashion circle. gucci fake is definitely one of the best!

Today, gucci fake will recommend a low-key luxury bag from NSL Bag of gucci fake. In order to cooperate with this high-cool style, gucci fake also invited the world-class veteran supermodel Kate Moss to interpret this. Package~

Once listed, it will face the “dangerous” out of stock. This is not a bag. The low-key design is not a highlight of this bag.

For the company white-collar workers, a shoulder bag with a large capacity and a color is not very necessary to buy – at least with a work look is not too exaggerated and very fashionable.

Whether it’s a shoulder or a handcuff, you can cheer up your entire look!

And it has to be mentioned that the leather surface of the gucci fake Niki bag is treated with a waxed finish and looks very retro.

In addition, this bag gucci fake logo is also designed to be pure black, and the bag is integrated. The metal logo will play a special luster under the change of light~

In daily life, the supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley commuter bag is also Niki, you can also have a supermodel on your back~

This bag on the summer back will not look very heavy, and the cool summer wear with this bag is just right~

gucci replica’s saddle bag is called Saddle, but it has been discontinued for many years and was designed by former designer John Galliano. Maria Grazia Chiuri took over this very classic bag after taking over gucci replica.

Speaking of Saddle this bag is not too small, the former woman in the city of Carrie used this bag.

And before this little bag has the Tote version, it is also to find Kate Moss endorsement.

gucci fake with different material stitching and printing is really fashionable to fly!

Now in Fashion Week, Miss YOKA also saw with her own eyes that many bloggers are taking this bag.

As a small shoulder bag, Bella Hadid took this gucci replica saddle bag and angered his presence on his Ins account.

The denim version of Saddle is also used as a daily bag, and the improved version of Saddle has been enhanced a lot, not so exaggerated.

I don’t know if I read the gucci replica saddle bag I introduced. Do you have a heartbeat? Anyway, I am now, very heart-warming!

gucci fake
gucci fake

Speaking of Gucci’s very strong brand, these bags with Guccy words have to be watched! Come and find out~

Guccy is actually a variant of Gucci, from ancient Italian, Gucci really wants to play the retro style to the extreme.

So all kinds of small bags with the Guccy Logo came into being. Miss YOKA really liked this diagonal shoulder bag, and felt like going out shopping and looking beautiful!

The overall design is not very heavy, so it won’t get to the waist.

And the most important thing is! Very cute! Is not it!

Not only the Guccy pocket, but the Guccy handbag can also be found~

Not only is the bag of Guccy’s style very eye-catching, but also a bag called Rebelle is also very retro, red old leather is very eye-catching!

These two Gucci bags are not rushing to Pick?

No.4 Chanel PVC

Chanel’s 2018 main items of PVC, whether it is rain hats or rain boots, of course, still give us a lot of good-looking PVC bags!

Handbags, backpacks, and handbags are all occupied by various PVCs. In the general show of Chanel Falls, the limelight is very fierce!

PVCs of various colors are put together in a colorful way, and know that you think that the things placed inside are too complicated to look good?

But it seems that ~ still very fashionable!

Carrying a Chanel PVC bag in the summer is like holding a big jelly, it feels so refreshing!

Sandwiching between the sleeves is also a very different experience. There is no problem with putting a document in the briefcase.

Pink PVC bag is perfect for a holiday! And feeling, very advanced!

Not only the classic bags of all kinds of PVC models, but also Chanel’s backpack also has a PVC and leather stitching version! Can think about it!

In 2018, there is hope! I pointed to these bags and lived. I don’t have much time to go to Pick my bag!